English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – September 9, 2018

For many of us we don’t think about missions until the summer.  That’s
because short term mission trips are often geared towards students (jr
high to college), and the summer is the best time to utilize their
long summer breaks.  But I’ve noticed that we tend to pass missions on
to the students and exclude ourselves.  One way I want to challenge us
in that thinking is to have short term missions trips running through
more than just one season of the year.  So that is why I am excited to
see that we are able to return to Thailand in January.  Missions is
not just a summer thing.  We want to be conscious of it year round.
So as we either sign up for a short term mission trip in January or
July or send off and pray for and hear the reports of the teams, this
keeps global missions on our radar throughout the year.  I also want
to encourage any of you non-students to come teach English with me in
Phetchabun.  It’s the beginning of the year, so use up your vacation
days for a short term mission trip!  And challenge and expand your
view of the Gospel abroad and God’s work globally.

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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