English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – September 3, 2017

As we pray for those struggling due to floods in Houston, Sierra Leone
and South Asia, let’s also pray that the Christians in those areas are
stepping up to be the hands and feet of God, the salt and light He has
called us to.  Some of you may have seen the backlash Lakewood Church
received for not immediately opening their doors as a shelter.  But
you probably haven’t seen any coverage of churches that responded
immediately to those in need either.  Whether Lakewood Church was slow
to act because of flooding in their building or not (and regardless of
what one may think of Joel Osteen), the fact is that the world expects
the church to act.  But let’s not act out of fear of what the world
may say, but because God calls us to be his ambassadors.  There are
many ways to send support to these areas.  If you are looking for an
organization to support, I can recommend Compassion International for
their work in Bangladesh’s flood crisis.  Go here for more info and to
donate: http://bit.ly/2vym8dn

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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