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Shepherd’s Corner – October 28, 2018

Why is something that happened 500 years ago still relevant to us
today?  It’s because Reformation Day was an important wake up call to
the church in the 1500s – that we cannot add anything to the salvation
given to us by God. If the Gospel is to be “good news”, then we will
make it bad news if we think we need to supplement anything to it.
This truth was summed up by the 5 Solas.  Our salvation is solely
granted by God’s grace (Sola Gratia); not by anything we have done,
but because of everything Christ alone has done (Solus Christus); and
we receive the benefits of Christ’s work on the cross and on this
earth only through faith (Sola Fide) and not by trying harder or
giving more money to the church (indulgences); so the
credit/recognition for salvation isn’t given to us but entirely to God
for His glory and not ours (Soli Deo Gloria); and these truths and all
other truths ought to be and is found in the scriptures, where no
other source ought to have authority for the life of the Christian
(Sola Scriptura).  These truths are still so important to us today,
and may they encourage us to view the beauty and wonder of God’s
gracious Gospel.

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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