English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – october 27, 2019

Today is Reformation Sunday. It’s the annual reminder of the stand that was made for the Church to remember that God’s word ought to be our only authority for our understanding of salvation and faith (Sola Scriptura); that it is only by God’s grace we are saved (Sola Gratia) and not by the payment of indulgences, which only requires faith (Sola Fide) in the only person we can find salvation through (Solus Christus); and all of this is so that the only person who gets the credit/glory is God (Soli Deo Gloria). We forget very easily. So I am thankful for this regular reminder and thankful for the people who took a stand against the Church at that time to preserve the truths of the Gospel for us today. May we relish these truths so that we can proclaim these truths and if ever comes a time, be able to make a stand for these truths. Happy Reformation Sunday. in Him, Rev. Daevid Yoon


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