English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – October 22, 2017

In light of social media’s recent hashtag #metoo, I want to draw our
attention to the first sermon on the book of Esther that we went
through together.  For those unfamiliar with the hashtag, the Harvey
Weinstein scandal triggered an online discussion of sexual harassment
and abuse against women.  This is a depressing reality of the sin and
brokenness of this world.  We saw that in Esther chapter 1, things
were not much different.  Men mistreating women is sinful and has
always been.  But the gospel speaks against such sin and points us to
our Savior Christ, who is indeed the better husband.  And then we are
also reminded of the recent men’s retreat we just had.  Christian men
of Inland EM, we first need to be Gospel men, shaped by it, fed by it
and living by it.  And so then a social media conversation like #metoo
should sadden us and then keep us vigilant: first to grieve for the
sins of the world, maybe even repent of our own sin and then secondly
to speak out against such sinfulness and protect our sisters in Christ
from such wrongs.  It starts by encouraging one another and using our
influence to challenge other guys to cherish and respect women.  And
sisters, it starts by being an available ear to those who are going
through such difficulty and being vigilant on behalf of younger
sisters who may not know what is happening.  And then together as a
congregation, I believe, this is us exercising our identity as a
family of God.  I pray that starting with us we will be able to
approach these cultural issues with gospel truth and love.

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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