English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – November 24, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday! If you are not in the regular habit of thinking what you are thankful for, at least we have the calendar to remind us. Let’s think about what we are thankful for this year. Let me help you by giving you 4 categories to think about what to be thankful for: 1. World 2. Work/Studies 3. Family 4. Church Hopefully this will serve as a spring board for you to list what you are thankful for. And I challenge all of us to make this a regular practice (even daily!). Because one of the reasons why we may have such a hard time thinking of what we are thankful for is possibly because we’re out of practice. So then the best way to be a thankful person is to exercise giving thanks regularly. I am grateful for the privilege of serving all of you and getting to share God’s word with Inland EM every week! Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone. in Him, Rev. Daevid Yoon


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