English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – May 5, 2019

Our pastoral staff had a chance to attend the PCA EM Forum in Fullerton this past week. It was a great opportunity to meet and reconnect with other Korean American pastors who are serving God’s church. The event was sponsored by KALI (Korean American Leadership Initiative), which is a new group formed under the MNA (Missions to North America) of our denomination. I’m so encouraged that there are finally programs and awareness of older Ruling Elders and Teaching Elders (pastors) of the PCA desiring to mentor and encourage the younger Licensure and Ordination Candidates as well as younger Teaching Elders. This is something I’ve advocated and desired for a long time. As it’s happening in the PCA denomination, my prayer is that it’ll happen here. I want to challenge and encourage our older members to desire strong maturity so that you will be available to mentor or be an example for our younger members. If you feel you’re not mature yet, then get at it. There are many younger brothers and sisters in Christ that need you! And if you’re mature, then let’s be proactive in at least setting an godly example for our younger members. in Him, Rev. Daevid Yoon


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