English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – March 31, 2019

Spring has arrived. This past winter was colder and wetter than usual. Though it may be unfamiliar to some, when the winter is cold and wet, it leads to a spring that’s in full bloom! This is an important thing to witness in order to be reminded of the cycle of life. Not everything and not every time in life is rosy sunshine. And because we are such forgetful beings, we often need those bad times to truly understand and appreciate the beautiful times. This, I believe, is orchestrated by God in His wisdom. Life before heaven is going to be in seasons; so let’s remember that. Not sure which season you’re in in your life right now. It may be a bad time or it may be a beautiful time. But let’s learn to appreciate whichever season we are in and remember who the Lord of the seasons is. Because we are under God’s sovereign grace, we are able to go through all seasons of weather and of life. in Him, Daevid Yoon


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