English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – March 19, 2017

Please pray for our Y2 retreat this coming weekend.  The demographic
of our congregation is that there are not a lot of 25-35 year olds in
our EM.  So it can be tough to draw newcomers of that age group.  It
just so happens that Y2 (22 and older) falls under that demographic.
Not only is it tough to draw new comers in that demographic to our
church, but it’s also tough for the Y2 to have enough variety in life
stage for everyone to be able to relate with each other.  I’m not
saying that only if people are in the exact age group and exact life
stage can they do church together, but one must admit that it does
help, right?  However, what I’ve been advocating is that the thing
that can draw us together in spite of different age groups and
different life stages is the power of the Gospel and the beauty of
doing Church together as a Family of God.  So that is why I am asking
for your prayers for this Spring Retreat.  Please pray that it can
unite the Y2 members regardless of their life stage, and then for it
to inculcate the idea that because Church is a Family of God, age
differences are going to exist, but that is something to be expected
in a family and to be embraced as a gift.  I also pray that the rest
of the congregation will also share in this understanding, so that we
can do Church together without any hiccups and rejoice together as a
Family of God.

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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