English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – January 13, 2019

Thank you for your prayers for our Y1 retreat. It was a blessing! With that being fresh in my mind, I want to remind who might have already forgotten the necessity of fixing our eyes on Christ and would also like to encourage those who weren’t at retreat because we need to hear this again and again. We have a tendency to fixate our eyes on other things in this life, but my question to you is: Is it eternal? Is it everlasting? This is why it is so important, first and foremost, that we have our eyes fixed on the cross, remembering our eternal citizenship which is in Heaven, reading through the Scriptures to be nourished by His Word, loving each other with the love we first received, growing together as a community of broken people who have been redeemed and brought into the household of God by the blood of Christ, and reminding each other of these vital truths when we forget. So, as we progress into 2019, may we be reminded that despite all the ups and downs that will be coming our way, we can have confidence not because we fix our eyes on the things of the world to be our hope, but because we fix our eyes on Christ and Christ alone as our source of hope, joy, and eternal rest.  In Him, Andrew JDSN


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