English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner-January 12, 2020

I believe when a church is regularly in the Word of God, not only will it be well fed but it will also be protected from falsehoods and misdirection. One does not know where to go when you don’t have a map. The Word of God is the map for every Christian (also instruction manual, love letter, etc but I digress). You won’t know where to go unless you regularly refer to the map. And it helps even more once you start to memorize that map. So let’s do this e100 reading challenge together! Let’s regularly refer to the map and read it so much that we start memorizing it. And then coupled with this is prayer. I believe prayer is the guide that helps us to find our bearings on the map. Prayer is the thing that helps us to show us which direction we are facing on the map. Are we looking heavenward for God’s leading? or are we looking to the world for its purposes and standards? or are we looking into our selves for our own gain? Prayer helps sort that out; so join us on Saturdays at 7pm to pray together! May 2020 be filled with reading God’s Word and prayer. in Him, Rev. Daevid Yoon


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