English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – February 24, 2019

Waiting is one of the most difficult times. Waiting for our court date in Seoul to tell the judge that we legally want to adopt our daughter was long and difficult. But now that we are back and we have seen her, the wait for the 2nd trip back to Korea for the Visa Hearing and to take custody of her is worse! But waiting can be a special time. It can either make you cling to God more or less. I pray that seasons of waiting in your life will cause you to cling to God more. I view these as exercises to make our faith stronger and to grow our trust. That helps me not to resent times of waiting, but to rather try and grow from it and through it as much as possible. You may be in a season of waiting right now, I feel you. But I pray that it will also be a valuable season of clinging and growing in the Lord! in Him, Daevid Yoon


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