English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner-February 16, 2020

I tell this to my Y1 from time to time because I strongly believe in this: Don’t only have Christian friends; have non-Christian friends as well. Being friends with non-Christian peers keeps our eyes open to the reality of the world we live in and helps us to know how to hold conversations with them as we build relationships with them. Conversely, this also means being wise about what kind of non-Christians to hang out with, but if you only spend time around Christians, how will you ever have an opportunity to witness to others? April is a couple month’s away, but I hope you’ve been praying for or at least thinking about someone for Invitation Sunday. One of the most daunting things a Christian can face is to invite a non-believing friend to church because religion can be such a touchy topic! Yet, how awesome would it be to see someone you personally know actually begin to wrestle with and think about the eternity of their souls? I think that would be a sight to see.


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