English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – December 2, 2018

December is already upon us, which means Christmas is near and the
year is almost over.  As we start this final month of the year, start
the process of reflecting back on 2018.  They say that hindsight is
20/20, so you should be able to look back and see clearer why certain
things happened or how you were led to where you are today.  Sometimes
it takes more than a year to clarify those things, but let’s consider
and give thanks for the things we can see clearly now.  As a
congregation, God has blessed us and grown us this past year.  But all
of that is in hopes of God maturing us.  I pray that we will notice
growth and mature from 2018 and see even more growth and mature in

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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