English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – August 12, 2018

Many students are returning to school beginning this week, and many more will slowly be transitioning back into study mode in the following month. Whether it is reading for elementary school homework, doing endless research for a doctorate program, or going back into school after having a family, learning is a highly undervalued privilege that we, funny enough, desire after we’ve stopped. Concerning our faith, learning is something that we can never get enough of. We graduate from school and earn a degree at a certain point in our lives, but we never graduate from being a Christian.  So, I pray that God continually humbles us if we ever think that we have “graduated” from Christianity and no longer have a need to participate and learn, or that God sharpens and grows us if we have hearts and minds that yearn to learn from Him. But, more than just learning more about God and who He is, I pray that God grows our hearts to be able to practically apply the things we learn and utilize that knowledge, empowering us as a congregation to love and serve each other as well as our community.

in Him,

Andrew Chang JDSN


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