English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – April 23, 2017

Reading the bible is not just a religious act.  It is a spiritual
discipline that feeds our soul and guides our Christian walk.  To put
it bluntly, we are starving ourselves and walking blindly. I would
really love for our congregation to be regularly grounded in God’s
Word. And I hope to have Scripture Union help us with that. Scripture
Union is an evangelical Christian movement that started in 1867 in
London (first as CSSM).  Since then, it has spread all across the
globe (e.g. USA, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, etc).  Their e100
challenge is a great introduction to the bible. The passages that they
selected cover the major stories and broad themes of the bible from
Genesis to Revelation.  I hope that you will join our congregation in
reading through this challenge on May 1st.  Orientation will be right
after service on April 30 in the chapel and then group discussions
will commence the following Sunday (May 7th) after you’ve read the
first week’s readings. Let’s be a church that commits to the reading
of God’s Word.  And so join us the next 100 days starting May 1st!

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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