English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – September 1, 2019

I’m thankful to the church and leadership for the 3 weeks of paternity leave. It was a great time to spend and connect with our daughter. During that time though my heart went out to stay at home parents! What a whole different level of work it is when you have 2 kids in the home to care for. And I can only imagine the challenge with more than 2 kids. Much kudos to our parents who are caring for toddlers at home! But another point that I noticed was the challenge of time to spend in God’s word. I found myself craving self-time and would be tempted to catch up on shows and social media likes that I may have missed. And those are all fine, but as a result of that, I would find myself at night tired and forgetting to pray and read His Word. I’ve said before that I have the luxury of having office hours at church, so that I can always step away to pray and read whenever I want, so I realize it’s a lot easier for me than most of you. But even in light of the reality of the challenge of making time, let me stress the importance of taking the time to pray and to read God’s Word. Your spiritual health is at stake, your family’s joy is at stake, your church’s health is at stake. Let’s encourage one another to regularly read God’s Word and pray! in Him, Rev. Daevid Yoon


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