English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – October 15, 2017

Biblical manhood is not just something that is learned cognitively but
also experienced together through the fellowship of the men in your
spiritual community.  That is the idea of our men’s retreat.  I hope
and pray that the 12 that attended this retreat is just the beginning
of the brothers in Christ of Inland EM coming together to be
God-fearing, God-loving men who lead their families and each other to
Christ.  I strongly believe that a healthy congregation needs biblical
men as its teaching elders and ruling elders.  But if there are none
who know what biblical manhood is nor never fellowshiped with other
men in the congregation in that context, then there won’t be any
available able-bodied men for that role.  So I pray that many such men
will be trained and look forward to learning and growing with you all.
And don’t worry women of Inland EM, the women’s spring retreat is
coming next year!

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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