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Shepherd’s Corner – October 14, 2018

From Missionary on Palu (GMIM stands for Gereja Masehi
Injili di Minahasa, which means the Christian Evangelical Church in
Update on Palu:
I have met with GMIM Synod leader today to discuss about how we can
help the victims of Palu and we’ve decided to go to Palu together on
Nov. 1-5. It will take us 30 hours non-stop without a break so total
of 60 hours because of the road condition. We will be renting a truck
with two drivers and one car with a driver. GMIM leader and wife and
myself and Rebekah will be going there. GMIM Synod already sent truck
full of water, food, clothes, and … generator and fuel for the
generator. For the truck and fuel and drivers will cost about $2000
USD and goods (water, food, clothes, generator, fuel for the
generator) to load up the truck will cost about $1500 USD.
We are planning to send another truck full of goods to Palu and it
will cost about the same. We also need to make some donation to make
for churches there … If you are planning to make more donations it
can be done since I’m going there myself. Donations can be made to my
Indonesian US account directly which I later will provide
receipt/financial report for above expenses. Or donations can be made
to GMIM Synod account here in Manado.

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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