English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – May 21, 2017

I pray that the e100 readings are helping your daily spiritual
discipline.  It is important that the word of God is a regular part of
our spiritual diet. It’s not easy to train in anything, but I can
assure you that it’s worth training regularly in your spiritual
disciplines.  But won’t you challenge yourself a bit more and train
together with us?  If you’re reading e100 during the week, be sure to
join us for the weekly e100 discussions!  This is a great time where
we can learn to train together and grow spiritually together.  And
it’s been proven that it’s easier to train when it’s done together.
If you’re not in a group, just speak to me and I’ll get you in a
group.  But the uniqueness of our discussion is that it is mixed with
Y2 and FG.  This allows for a good spectrum of how God’s word is able
to feed us at different stages of our lives.  So if you haven’t yet,
please be sure to join!  If you are wondering what it’s like, speak to
any one of the folks who are already benefiting from the e100
discussion times.  May God continue to bless the reading (and
discussing) of His Word to our souls and to the life of our

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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