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Shepherd’s Corner – March 4, 2018

As Resurrection Sunday is now less than a month away, I encourage you to turn your thoughts and reflections upon the cross.  I’ve always explained that the cross is the one place where a seemingly schizophrenic god, who from our perspective can’t seem to makeup his mind to be a holy god or loving god, shows clearly to we who are bound in time, the simultaneous display of his awesome holiness and amazing love for us.​  The cross clarifies for us just how our God is perfectly holy and perfectly loving.  The cross is a big deal.  So it behooves us to look to it seriously and with wonder every year – I’d even argue every day.  In order to help your reflections John Piper’s book “Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die” is available for free download:  https://goo.gl/WPgE4U   If you read 2 a day starting tomorrow, you’ll end on Good Friday, perfect to prepare us for our Good Friday service.  May the meditation and study of Christ’s work on the cross deepen our love for Him and increase our understanding of the cross of the gospel.

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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