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Shepherd’s Corner – March 18, 2018

I just had the pleasure of returning from my presbytery meeting this
past week.  The Presbyterian form of government has ruling elders and
teaching elders (aka pastors) lead and take care of the local church.
But they are also responsible for the work of the presbytery, which is
the regional collection of local churches that are in the same
denomination (in Inland’s case, PCA).  Most of the work of the
presbytery is for the care of local churches and examining of
potential teaching elders.  It is also involved in maintaining
doctrinal accountability for its churches and elders.  Most of the
time it’s more convenient for a church to be non-denominational or
baptist or congregationalist, where they don’t have to bother with
other bodies of authority outside their own walls.  And sometimes, I’m
tempted by that freedom too.  But you then miss out on the potential
fellowship and partnership that comes from being part of a
denomination.  And most importantly, I believe, you don’t have
theological and doctrinal accountability if you’re not part of a
denomination.  You don’t have other churches and elders to sharpen you
biblically and to also call on you if/when you begin to drift and
compromise theological and biblical convictions.  I hope that you
understand what it means for Inland EM to be part of a denomination,
the PCA, and though it may entail some extra work, to see the benefits
that come from it.

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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