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Shepherd’s Corner-March 1, 2020

As we wrap up the New Testament reading of our Inland Church bible reading campaign, I hope and pray that it’s been a blessed time for all of you. And for those of you who have family in the KM or education department, I really hope that this sparked a lot of bible discussions or sharing in your homes. I believe that a family that prays together and reads/shares the scriptures together will be the most spiritually healthy and the most effective in church life and in the life of faith. Although the campaign is over, I want to encourage you to initiate that kind of discussion in your households. Fathers and Husbands, I believe this first falls on us. Let’s be proactive as spiritual leaders of the household and initiate prayer and bible reading/sharing in our homes. EM still has 2 more weeks of NT reading for our e100 challenge. Let’s keep it up, and remember that it doesn’t stop there, but we’ll go back to day 1 and start reading the Old Testament of the e100 challenge. Let’s be a church that is well-fed through the reading of God’s word! in Him, Rev. Daevid Yoon


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