English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner-January 26, 2020

Last Saturday our very own Andrew Chang JDSN got married! It was a joyous time to celebrate God’s love and their covenanting with one another. And it’s a wonderful time to witness our pastoral intern entering a new life stage. Let’s pray for him and his wife as they start their new life together, and also for the ministry life they will be sharing together. Do you pray for our pastoral staff and families? Whether it’s wanted or not, the family life of a pastor is different from your average family. Sacrifices are often made for the sake of the church. For instance, as I’ve mentioned before in the past, pastor’s wives often become “single moms” on Sundays. This is why I ask that you pray for our pastoral staff and families regularly. Pray for healthy marriages, for wise parenting, and obedient children. Pastoral interns nor pastors have it all together, so we are always in need of your prayer and support. So as we witnessed Andrew Chang’s marriage, let it be a reminder for us to regularly pray for our pastors. in Him, Rev. Daevid Yoon


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