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Shepherd’s Corner – December 25, 2016

The theme for the Y1 winter retreat was JOY.  During the 3 days at retreat we were able to think and learn together about what joy in the Lord meant.  We learned that sin steals our joy and joy comes when we repent, ultimately when we know that the thing that separates us from God has been bridged/solved by Jesus on the cross.  In essence it was a timely reminder this Christmas day of why Christ’s coming to earth as the God-man is something to rejoice in.  This also sets our sights to a real hope that involved the cross and longs for Christ’s return!  So this Christmas, may your JOY be restored as we realize Christ’s coming as the solution to our sin and His return as the realization of our hope of glory!

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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