English Ministry of Inland Church

Shepherd’s Corner – August 18 , 2019

Despite what’s recently been headline news in Christian circles and as surprising as they may be, we remember (and it makes me thankful) that God isn’t shocked by any of these things. If anything, it reminds me the importance of having Scripture as the foundation upon which my faith is rooted. I pray that we continually look to Scripture as the source of what we believe and stand for as Christians. That being said, the Thailand Team is leaving tonight for 2 weeks! This is why we go to the mission field–because when we look to Scripture, we see that we are to be sharing this good news with those around us. And when we meditate on the story of redemption in the Bible, how could we not want to share the love that saved our souls and also now comforts us as we journey on in this world that is not our home? in Christ, Andrew Chang


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