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Shepherd’s Corner – April 16, 2017

The funny thing about word association is that sometimes you just
can’t shake it off.  So whenever I hear the word Easter, the first
image in my head is not an empty tomb, but a fluffy white bunny and
colored eggs.  That is why I personally call Easter Sunday,
Resurrection Sunday.  It’s not only a different word without the
association of bunnies, but it’s a clearer description of why this
Sunday is so important.  It first describes the victory that Jesus had
over death; that God the Father raised his son from the dead.  And it
then also describes the resurrected life we have from the life of sin
we were imprisoned in and additionally the hope of resurrection we
have as Christians. So it shows the finality of a work accomplished
and the future of a hope that is enabled because of that finished
work.  This is what is so important.  So sure, enjoy the eggs and the
bunnies, but rejoice in the new identity and new life we have received
through Christ and his resurrection!

in Him,
Rev. Daevid Yoon


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