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Posts from March 2019

It is a joy to be back with a new addition to our family. Thank you for all your prayers! Today won’t be the last time I’ll be preaching on spiritual adoption, but it’s particularly special because of our adoption now being finalized. I hope that you will join me in reflecting upon our own adoption through Christ by God the Father. It was an unconditional adoption; God didn’t wait for us to love him first, or to tidy ourselves up, or be remorseful for our sins first. Instead, Romans 5:8 tells us that while were still sinners, God demonstrated his love for us and Christ died for us. This is an incredible Gospel truth, and may our wonder and gratitude of this adoption never cease! And that adoption is sealed through the Holy Spirit. We are now family of God, through His grace! How marvelous is your Gospel salvation oh Lord. May we be a congregation that never forgets this and lives everyday in response to this love and grace. in Him, Daevid Yoon